My Story

... the brief version.

Hi I’m James Van Hees and I am so glad that you are here.

I have created photography professionally for nearly 20 years now and have had the pleasure to work with many incredible people and organizations throughout Ontario, Canada and across the globe.

I am an avid outdoorsman and adventurer at heart. Most recently I took up mountain biking and ride nearly every day. I am equally at home with a canoe paddle in hand or lighting a fire with flint and steel.

Fun Fact: Before I picked up the camera full-time, I was actually a Professional Boy Scout. Yes … they had those!  

My photography has taken many turns throughout the years. I shot many weddings at the start of my career, experiencing so many heartfelt nuptials that I actually started looking forward to inebriated best-man speeches. Wedding photography taught me that the value of an image is in its ability to help tell a story.

Storytelling was key as my career moved into commercial photography. I produced images of people, environments, and products; each with their very own story and message that needed telling (oh the stories Chapstick could tell). Here, I learnt that the best images highlight a uniqueness, difference, and desirability.    

“...the best images highlight a uniqueness, difference, and desirability.”

Teaching photography at Sheridan college afforded me my most important lesson. I was teaching students many things about creating strong images, telling captivating stories, and how to keep track of lens caps; but they taught me the value of celebrating just being yourself. The value of being authentically you.

The Headshot product I offer today is a culmination of every image, lesson, assignment, experience and client I have had the honour to work with. It represents nearly 20 years of refinement and fine tuning to create the best experience for you. My Headshots create positive impacts and impressions; both with the people in front of my camera, and those who see the images after. I am proud of that.

Light travels faster than sound. This means people are going to see your face before they hear your voice, they are going to see your image before they read your copy.

My goal is always to create outstanding headshots that present the best version of you. Photographs that elevate your story and your goals. Images that highlight your uniqueness, dare to be a little different, and produce a desirability that invite and encourage people to spend the time to hear what you have to say.

I look forward to capturing your story.


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